What is a Business Improvement District?

A defined area within which the local business community work together to collectively invest in projects and services to improve the business environment

It is an independent business-led ‘not for profit’ company committed to delivering services additional to those provided by public authorities

There is always a fair and transparent ‘levy’ on all eligible occupiers within the BID area, complemented by additional voluntary contributions from other stakeholders including property owners and developers

A ballot with a majority ‘YES’ vote is required, both by number and rateable value, for the BID to be implemented

There is then a five year initial term, after which a renewal ballot becomes necessary.

Southside is in the second year of its second BID term.

What is the BID Levy and how much does it cost?

BID levy bills are distributed to all eligible businesses alongside their Business Rates Bill in April every year. In Southside the levy is charged on all businesses at a % of rateable value (RV) whose premises have a RV of £12,000 and above.

What do you get for your levy payment?

Southside BID has pledged to make a difference in 10 particular areas. These 10 pledges are:

Improve public realm by investing in Public Spaces

Uphold and improve standards of street cleanliness

Greener & more environmentally friendly

Create a sense of place

Bring local people and businesses together

Maintain a safe and welcoming environment

Sustain additional investment & added value

Build on local events & their legacy

Work with other Birmingham BIDs

Promote local first procurement

Can you opt out?

No – all businesses are required to pay (charitable organisations receive a rebate) as the work of the BID will benefit all Southside businesses without exception.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, the levy must be paid in full, however if you contact the BID Manager before 1st June in each calendar year, you may be able to arrange for staged payments. (maximum 3 instalments)

What happens if I refuse to pay?

As with Business Rates, Birmingham City Council will pursue recovery of the debt through the usual legal channels on the BID’s behalf. For further more detailed information, you can access the explanatory note here: Southside Statutory Explanatory Leaflet

Why should I pay more?

Although your business rates are collected by the City Council, it is Central Government that receives those proceeds. You have no control over how this money is allocated and spent. 100% of the relatively small additional BID levy you would pay will be directly reinvested in the Southside district by your BID Company.