Welcome to Southside BID!
This site is dedicated towards Southside Levy Payers

Southside Business District Ltd was formed in April 2011 after a successful ballot of 279 Birmingham Southside businesses.
This site contains important information and updates for our members.

What did we achieve in our first term from 2011-2016?

In October 2015 Southside Levy Payers had the opportunity to vote Yes to a second Business Improvement District (BID) term, we want you to help us shape what that will look like.

Back in 2011 we promised to deliver
10 pledges:

1. Business Led – local and inclusive decisions – all Southside funding decisions have been taken by representatives of the business community and all levy paying businesses can have their say

2. Safer and more welcoming environment – Southside Street Wardens, PCSOs and business crime projects all make Southside a safer and more welcoming place for your staff and customers

3. New and repeat customers – Southside has successfully attracted new customers to Southside and helped our businesses’ retain their existing customers

4. Improved Visitor Experience – a friendlier, safer and cleaner environment has meant an improved visitor experience for your staff and customers

5. Positive brand and profile – dedicated marketing activity has provided Southside with a positive brand and profile

6. Proactive local management team – a small and cost effective BID team represents your business needs and manages the area in a proactive, business focused way

7. Effective business ‘voice’ – Southside has lobbied and influenced major stakeholders and funders in our businesses’ interests and is helping to capitalise on the exciting developments in the city such as Birmingham Smithfield and HS2

8. Added Value – almost 12% of the BID’s income will come from additional private and public sector voluntary contributions which would not happen without the BID

9. Sustained additional investment – in Bid 1 Southside invested a total of £1,699,965.00 into the local area, £190,685 of which was raised through public and private sector stakeholders as voluntary contributions and we plan to invest at least £1.8M into Southside in the next BID term. Additionally in BID 1 some 32 new businesses opened their doors in Southside, many of which would not be here without the BID in place

10. Birmingham’s other city centre BIDs  – Southside has worked alongside the other four city centre BIDs making a real difference to Birmingham